Celebrate your unique brand with clarity and confidence. 
Captivate your desired community.
Convert into a delighted, loyal clientele

And repeat.

Simple. Yet...

Perhaps you don't have the time or skills to produce exciting, magnetic marketing campaigns?

Maybe you're bursting with passion and ideas but short on funds to enlist a big creative agency?

I can help you with:-

  • getting clear about your brand identity and purpose
  • communicating your brand story
  • designing elegant, functional web and social media platforms
  • crafting engaging content and copy (words can work magic...that's why they call it 'spelling')
  • picking up publicity in the press and media

I can also help to promote your fabulous product, service or project by handing an abundance of everyday tasks with creative charm. I like to call it practical promotion.  It's the indefinable...something. It's how you make your clients feel, it's in the atmosphere at your events, how you handle calls and emails, the whole beautiful package. The way you approach daily details in your business and lifestyle can really set you apart from the crowd.

Daily Marketing - copywriting, social media content, blogs, now-or-never publicity
Client Communications - making calls and connections, handling emails and bookings
Event Production - special occasions, launches, showcases 
Hosting & Hospitality - client liaison, front-of-house, event management
Guidance & Coaching -  developing your communication, confidence and social skills

I'll take the pressure off, so that you can focus on your own unique talent and passions.  Suddenly, you'll have the time and energy to shine your brightest.

Also, I started Acoustic Wave on a shoestring.  Since then, I've been approached by an eclectic mix of solopreneurs and creatives - clients in visual arts, music, trades, hospitality and fashion - for coaching and support with branding, communication strategy and marketing.  Together, we can build your business, without it costing the earth.

You can view client feedback at Quotes & Praise.

If you'd like to discuss working together, please get in touch.