Story So Far...

Short Story. I'm Vicky. I love helping people create and communicate with clarity and confidence. In particular, I support an eclectic mix of inspiring clients by sharing my professional skills in media, marketing, and entertainment. And if you'd like to go deeper... 

The Long Story. Once upon a tide, I was immersed in a media career at a Scottish radio network. My role combined radio and events production, radio presenting, voice overs, and - as PA to Programming Directors and Station Director - helping senior management get stuff done. It was heaps of fun but when the urban lifestyle eventually lost its lustre, I quit my job, sold up, packed up, and took some time out to travel, living out of a camper van for almost a year. 

Free-wheelin', I reconnected with a long-held dream. I wanted to earn a living, living by the sea.

One sunny day, I rolled into a cute fishing village on Scotland's beautiful east coast - and dropped anchor. The next step was finding work that could support the simpler lifestyle I'd been craving. Hit by a wave of inspiration, I  launched Acoustic Wave. Now, within the role of Creative Producer, I'm a voice artist, writer, and compulsive celebrant for uplifting brands. I've learned that living in harmony with your talents and passions is what it really means to be going with the flow, and I love helping others to bring their purpose to the surface. 

The studio was also born out of a desire to celebrate simple pleasures & positive ideals in everyday life.  It's an ethos I believe can have a ripple effect...

For me, simple pleasures include awesome music & art, inspiring words, delicious food, good company, and natural beauty. Also, I'm guided by the positive ideals of thinking globally, acting locally, living honestly, showing gratitude, and being the change.

With this in mind, my clients have included national charities and leading brands, artists, artisan producers, a maker of luxurious Scottish chocolate, an award-winning children's festival, an award-winning food festival, a feel-good Mexican street food kitchen (with a conscience), musicians, a classic coastal cafe, an award-winning food wrap designer, a remote eco hideaway, a gift shop & gallery, vintage event specialists, boutique markets, purveyors of highland hospitality, and skilled craftsmen.

I especially love working with people whose ideals, purpose, services, and products go beyond profit - towards creating a positive impact in our communities and on our planet.  Go here to see my 'Words Have Power - Ethical Policy.' 

Ready to surf? If you'd like to talk about working together, please get in touch!