'Wow! It sent shivers down my spine! You've expressed the right feel for the business. 
I didn't need to change a single word.' 
- Sophie Latinis, Pittenweem Chocolate Company

What's your story? 

Maybe you're a masterful artist or musician, cook or craftsman, a social entrepreneur or ethical trailblazer, but can you put pen to paper and tell the world about your talent? Are you able to promote your work with persuasive words? Does your writing have a distinctive 'tone of voice' - one that aligns with your values and vision? 

It's an important question because engaging storytelling is a craft too.

write for inspiring creatives, solopreneurs, artisans, start-ups, activists and change-makers. There's no better feeling than when the words begin to flow, swirl across the page, or ripple out across social media. So, if you need help sending your brand message into the world, I'd love to get on board! Together, we can shine a light on your work and share your story. 

And what can I bring to your crew? Well, I began my career working at radio stations in the Bauer group. As a radio producer, my role included writing copy for networked radio campaigns in collaboration with the Scottish Government, live radio and event scripts, entertainment bulletins, and promotional features.

These days, I focus on producing content and copy for social media, websites, blogs, ads, posters, media kits, flyers, news releases, and merchandise. I can also create biographies, sharp CVs and templates for crucial communications with your clients and collaborators. 

And, truth be told, I'm often curled up with the computer in my spare time too, writing up a storm, purely for pleasure!

You can see compliments from clients at Quotes & Praise.

Lost for words?  Please get in touch.

"a word after a word after a word is power." - Margaret Atwood